Turning Thirty

Turning Thirty
One day, when I’m 30
I will run a successful company

One day, when I’m 30
I will have a car and a house

One day, when I’m 30
I will understand how life works.

But that one day never came, and today I turned 30

However, I learned that...
Adulting means not knowing what you’re doing, but you have to do it
And you may never fully understand why or how things happened until you take a look back and realize:

That everything didn't just happen to you
Everything happened for you.

Behind the story

I just turned thirty last month. All this time, I have always thought being an adult means understanding everything in the world. But it turns out that even after I became thirty, I didn't understand many things.

I don't have the answers. And all I have are a bunch of questions.

You'll always learn after it happens

However, as I get older, it gets easier to catch the patterns in life. Most of the time, after everything happened, I could look back with a clearer mind and see why it happened.

The caveat of understanding the pattern is that you'll only see the silver lining in the end. Maybe right after the hard times had passed. Or perhaps a few years later, when you take a look back and reflect.

In the end, you either learned that it had to happen.

Or you learned.

I hope you find this post helpful.


It's not gonna be easy.
But it's not impossible.