The year 2020 was 20 years ago

The year 2020 was 20 years ago

When I remembered that 2020 was 20 years ago...

I thought about the things I said I'd start but never did

I thought about the podcast I said I’d record with my friends

I thought about the career change that I never dared to take

I thought about the life I could have lived

The version of me who could have thrived

If only I've done all the things

That I had said to myself



It’s still 2024

And I still have 20 more years to chase my dream

There’s plenty of time

I can still do it now

It's not too late

It's only been 4years since 2020

There are 16 more years to go to chase my dreams


I'm too busy now

I don't have enough time

I'm afraid I will fail

And I don't want to look stupid

What would people say about me?

I guess...

I'll do it later.

This piece was inspired by my new favourite Instagram account:

I hope you find this inspiring. Remember:

It's not going to be easy
But it's not impossible.

Your friend,