The Pain of Regret Is Worse Than the Pain of Discipline

The Pain of Regret Is Worse Than the Pain of Discipline

Every time at the beginning of the year, many of us set up a New Year’s resolution. But most of us don’t actually tick all the boxes — some people didn’t even start.

Then, the following year, we’d just do the same thing over and over again for the rest of our lives. Most people give in to cheap distractions, make excuses, and end up with some sort of justification as to why they don’t meet their goals. It’s always easier not to do the work and succumb to our desires.

If this sounds like you, that’s good. At least you are not lying to yourself. You know that you are currently making excuses, and you could’ve done better.

Just do something, do anything

What you need to start getting more productive is momentum. To have momentum, you just need to act. You don’t need to complete a goal or set milestones just yet. Start from the small things such as:

  • Wake up early and make up your bed
  • Stop scrolling and put your phone away
  • Look at the sky and enjoy the morning sun
  • Stretch and take a deep breath

At times, all it takes is a gentle push to get your mind going. You should aim for these tiny habits that don't take much effort and are easy to do. Once it's on your daily routines, kick it up a notch and add more habits on top of the current one.

Find the momentum first, and improve the habit later on.

The inner sloth

When you have the momentum going, there comes the inner sloth. It’s the voice inside your head that wants you to stop moving and just lay around doomscrolling.

The inner sloth is the voice inside your head that wants you to stop moving and just lay around doomscrolling.

The only way to beat your inner sloth is to see the bigger picture. Think about how different your life will be if you just do this one thing, and then do the opposite of what it wants you to.

The more I feel like I don't want to run or I don't want to write this newsletter, the more I will start doing it. Because I tell myself that it's my inner sloth talking, and I can't obey him all the time. Sometimes, I still do, though.

However, take this with a grain of salt. Most of the time, it's the inner sloth. But sometimes, it's your mental and physical health asking for a break. Listen to your body, and don't overdo it. Take a break every once in a while. Don't be toxic to yourself!

Your dreams are your guidance

Lastly, whenever you feel lost, think about your dreams. Use them as a guide to remember why you are doing this in the first place. Your dreams will play an essential role in your growth. They guide you to the right path; otherwise, you'd walk in circles without directions. 

Use your dreams as the cornerstones.

Regret comes last, and it lasts a while

Discipline is to control yourself not to do the things that you shouldn’t be doing, even though those are the ones that you’d rather do.

When you are disciplined, you are making a choice to do so. It is a conscious effort. You have an option whether to eat healthily and sleep early or not because it is all in the present.

But when you regret something because you were not disciplined, there is nothing you can do but accept the past. You can only suffer until you let go and move on.

Regrets come at the end.

Wherever you want to be is where you put your mind to

Start small when you realise you were wasting your time—and your life. Get out of bed, put your phone away, and do the work. Build momentum. When you go astray and get lazy, think about where you want to be in life and use your dreams as guidance.

It is always your choice whether to be disciplined or to give in to your desires. Remember, the pain of discipline tastes less bitter than the pain of regret.

This blog post is inspired by this podcast: Saquon Barkley | The Key to Letting Nothing Stop You.

I hope you find this inspiring. Remember:

It's not going to be easy, but it's not impossible.

Your friend,