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About the book:

Introducing Before The Good Things Come, a collection of interviews with senior executives across the world on how you can advance your career.

In this book, 23 executives share their take on 10 common questions you will face in your career, from landing new jobs and securing promotions, to managing office relationships and juggling side hustles with your full-time job.

This book invites you to ask ‘hard’ career questions, and discover surprising, possibly life-changing answers.

Whether you are starting off in your first job or have been in the workforce for some time, Before The Good Things Come helps you think differently, take action and make good things happen in your career ahead.

Before The Good Things Come will be released in May 2023. Pre-order your copy to get the first dibs on the book!

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About the authors:

Gladys Ng Kai Xin

Gladys currently runs CareerWareer, which she co-founded to help jobseekers enhance their personal brands and land their dream jobs. After meeting hundreds of job seekers, Gladys believes in making career decisions rationally. This is her “why” for writing Before The Good Things Come.

Alice Yu Yuebo

After achieving the 1st prize in the National Chemistry Olympiad at 13, Alice decided to drop her entire path in Chemistry to pursue a Marketing career. She’s now a Global Women in Marketing awards winner and advisory council member, as well as an advocate for women to pursue their passion through her nonprofit community Mama on Palette. She initiated the book project with two passionate friends whom she met online, who all believe the impossible is possible for dream seekers.

Briandito Priambodo

Brian is an Indonesian designer and writer based in Singapore. He draws comic strips under the alias of The Tiny Wisdom, sharing thoughts and ideas about life. Before The Good Things Come is the book he wishes he had read when he started his career.