Publish Your Work: Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing

Publish Your Work: Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing

We've all had some projects we started but never finished. Sometimes we procrastinate because we overthink. What if we did shitty projects? What if people don't like it? What if I can't do it? It's all in your head.

Let me set this straight: You will fail. You suck at what you are doing. You will only make it if you stop procrastinating and start putting in the effort.

Here's how you can start to publish your work, stop procrastinating, and start doing.

1. Stop talking about it

As simple as that. Refrain from telling your ideas to people. Start getting things done. Don't try to make it sound great before it's even made. Make it, ship it, then you can talk about it. Don't do the opposite.

2. Don’t be afraid of sharing your work

What's the purpose of creating something if you're going to keep it for yourself? Unless it is something personal, like a diary, for example. Getting your work out and receiving feedback makes you better at your craft.

And in the beginning, your work won't be seen by many people anyways. So don't be afraid of being judged. Nobody cares. Publish it, then improve it or move on to your next project.

3. Don’t think about the social acceptance

You will get little fulfilment if you share your project for likes, comments, retweets, or even to get viral. Focusing on social validations will not help you get better. Concentrating on your craft will make you feel better and will take you further down the road.

I experienced this during the early days of The Tiny Wisdom. I focused too much on the numbers and did not appreciate the genuine connections I made from the shared content. And whenever the numbers were not what I expected, I felt tiny and unhappy.

Look beyond the trees, or you'll miss the entire forest.

4. It’s okay to share ugly work

When you have doubts about whether to publish things or not, share them. Remember point number 2: nobody cares about your work.

What's more important to me was to get into the mindset of creating and publishing. To make a habit of clicking that "post" button. Once you are comfortable with sharing stuff regularly, you won't hesitate the next time you want to share things.

(you can always delete them anyway)

Which brings us to the next point...

5. Keep creating and publishing

Once you finish your first project, move on to the next one. Refrain from dwelling too much on something you could've done better or if you made a mistake. Move on.

When you consistently create and share your work, over time, you'll be able to see your growth. As a storyteller, whenever I take a look at my Instagram account, I can tell how much my storytelling and art have evolved throughout the year.

By doing this, you will have a sense of achievement. You would realize that you have been using your time effectively for the past few years and have learned a ton. Look back and reflect on the difference between your current and past self. Think of it as the highlight of your life.

It’s all in your head

Having a full-time job while doing side projects takes a lot of work. Simply because you need to pour in the time, effort, and passion to do it, many people have always said that they are "working on something" but never actually finished or published their project.

Don't be like that. Stop talking and start doing.

This article is based on my conversations with people who wanted to finish their stuff but have yet to do it and wish they started earlier.

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