We're All Fools

We're All Fools

I was the fool for not trying my best.

July 21, 2022

I was always a quitter.

Since I was a kid I have never finished what I started.

I started playing football, but I stopped because I sucked.

I tried martial arts a couple of times because I wanted to be tougher, mentally and physically. But I gave up because I was afraid of being beaten.

I loved to draw. But I threw my love for it just because my friends are better than me.

“The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint.The greats were great because they’d paint a lot”

Those were the words I kept close to my heart. It was from a song by Macklemore.

I wish I had learnt this earlier.

That nobody was good from the beginning.

Everyone started with shitty drawings.

I wish I had kept going.

I wish I was not a quitter who kept on making excuses.

I wish I was not a fool for trying not to look like a fool.

But in the end, I was the fool.

For not trying my best.

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