Stop Saying That is How I Am

Stop Saying That is How I Am

It would be better to change it to "That is how you were."

October 11, 2021

Do you feel like you're never good enough? I felt that way until 2-3 years into my career.

I saw myself as someone good enough to be above average but never the best. That's just how I am.

I was not good at sports, but also not bad. I was not tall nor short. My scores were just above average, and most of the time, I passed just fine.

I thought that's just how I am. An above-average under-achiever, and there is no way to change. I will always be in the middle.

But I was wrong.

Because I don't need to be the best, and I can be better if I want to.

But as I grew up, I saw people with strong will and perseverance overcame their liabilities.

My less privileged friend turned his life around and bought his parents a lovely house.

People who struggled at universities shifted to other disciplines and proved to be respectable figures in the area.

I thought my friend was joking when he told me about his ideas. He then founded a company and has been running the company for 5 years now.

I realised now how I had been limiting my own potential by framing myself as someone who will always be mediocre.

I now understand that you can achieve anything if you just shift your mindset. Just start and be consistent.

Of course, there are privileges, talents, and many other variables, but achieving your goal is not impossible as long as you persevere.

You can't choose the privilege and talent you were born with, but you can always choose what you want to do with life.

We are all a work in progress.

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