Just Enough is Good Enough

Just Enough is Good Enough

If you are constantly looking for the next thing to buy, you have to stop, and you are not alone.

August 9, 2021

A couple of years ago, I developed a habit to browse e-commerce apps whenever I am bored.

I bought shoes I don't use often, books I don't read, clothes that would stay in my closet for months, and games I forgot to play. I bought things that I want but don't need.

I kept on piling up useless stuff until I realised that those aren't what makes me happy. Those things would gather dust before long, and I would go for another shopping spree.

I forgot that I have more than enough. I am always searching for the next thing to buy.

I thought buying those things would make me happier. Those things would somehow make my life better.

Even if they do, the joy doesn't last long, and I'll forget about them soon enough.

Worldly things that we splurge our money on will not bring us lasting joy. It wouldn't even last a week. Because what we are looking for is fulfilment.

We are looking for something that can fill the void, the emptiness that we feel.

To fill the void, we have to be grateful for what we have. Look around and see that you have everything you need; why bother looking for more? What is it you actually seek?

Because you understand that you have everything you need, you'll soon realise that the urge to buy things is no longer a good thing to follow.

It's okay to want nice things, but it is not okay to feel like you need to have the next thing. Look around you and see that you have more than enough stuff you need. Remember, just enough is good enough.

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