It's Okay to Feel Lost

It's Okay to Feel Lost

We all are

November 17, 2021

I don’t enjoy life
But I also don’t hate it.
I am just following the stream aimlessly...
Most of the time.

And as my mind wandered, I thought to myself:
What if my life can be better?
What if I can be someone else?

Then, I realised that.
I may not be able to be the person I want
But if I can’t be one thing,
That doesn’t mean I can’t be something.

And as it turns out, my life isn’t that bad.
I may not be the best,
But I am doing my best.

As we are all living and trying
I think there is nothing wrong with that
I think this is just fine.

We don’t need to hustle.
We can just live.
And try to enjoy
The little things we have.
Until we found our purpose.

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