How to Make Life a Little Less Unpredictable

How to Make Life a Little Less Unpredictable

Life’s an ocean, and we’re riding the waves.

November 12, 2021

In the ocean we call life, the waves are unpredictable. Sometimes it’s calm and soothing, and before we know it, we get caught in a storm.

When we don’t plan our life, any sudden changes will negatively affect our mental well-being. We would be worried and anxious about what lies ahead.

Having a plan is like having a map; we know where to detour when something goes wrong.

Once you start your plan, there will be four possible outcomes
1. You are on schedule
2. You are behind schedule
3. You are earlier than the schedule
4. You decided to change the plan

All of them is normal. What I would suggest is to revisit and revise your plan every 1–3 months. So you’ll know if you need to take a break, change the plan, or continue as is.

Take a break when you feel tired or burnt out. You can always follow the plan later on when you have recharged. It’s easy to think you don’t want to do it until the end, even though what you actually need is a quick break.

Plans can always change. After following the plan for at least a month, revisit and ask yourself if this is what you really wanted? Did you make any progress, or do you need to adjust the plan? Think about what worked and what didn’t, then think about how would it affect the rest of the plan.

Lastly, you don’t have to finish the plan. The plan is flexible. It’s a treasure map that gives you an overview of your goal and how to get there, but you don’t have to follow along. If you decided to stop in the middle because you are enjoying life at that point, so be it. If you think it’s too stressful to go on, take a break. If you’re done, but you want to go further, go ahead.

Life will always be unpredictable, but by making it easier to navigate the ocean, we are making life a little less unpredictable.

If you can’t avoid the storm, learn to ride the wave.

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