How to Filter Bad and Good Feedback

How to Filter Bad and Good Feedback

Ignore the noise, focus on the signal.

January 14, 2022

I used to be scared to share my work because people judged me by my work. And I took it personally.

Getting the courage to pursue your passion is not easy. And once you've had the guts to do it, other people try to bring you down.

Sometimes they don't mean it, but their words stab us at the perfect spot.

Their words shattered our pride, confidence, and self-awareness. And made us feel like we shouldn't share our work with the world because…

We are not good enough.

On the other hand, sometimes, people would say good things just because they are your friend. It's a white lie that does not harm anyone but yourself in the long run.

So how do we filter out the noise?

When someone told you something about your work — good or bad — you ask them: why?

If they can't explain themselves, it's a very subjective judgement. Ignore it because it is not worth thinking about.

When someone judges your work, they should have a rationale for it. And when the reason is appropriate, you can listen to it and treat it as something that you can improve.

Your work might not be the best yet.

But if you don't share your work with the world, how would you know if you can be the best?

Some people won't like your work.
And that's ok.

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