Consistency Helps You Beat the Inner Bitch

Consistency Helps You Beat the Inner Bitch

The inner bitch is the voice in your head that holds you back from achieving your goals.

December 12, 2020

When you wake up in the morning, there’s a voice in your head that tells you to close your eyes and get back to sleep. Sometimes, when you are working hard, it tells you that you’ve done enough, time to go home.

There's a little voice that always drags you down from doing something meaningful. That voice is called the inner bitch. It’s the voice inside your head that wants you to stop moving forward.

Beating the Inner Bitch

Try to do something productive and the inner bitch will tell you to do the opposite. That’s how it works, and that is why the solution is easy: use the reverse uno card do the opposite of what the inner bitch tells you to do.

If it’s telling you to go back to sleep, get out of bed. If it’s telling you to take it easy at work, work harder. If it’s telling you that you can’t do it, it’s telling you to give up, push forward and keep going.

Don’t give in to the inner bitch. Do everything it wants you to stop doing.

It is Easier to Beat the Inner Bitch if You Have a Goal

At the time the inner bitch comes to you, you have two options. To either do something productive or just follow what the inner bitch wants you to do.

In my experience, by having a dream that you want to achieve, you will have an easier time choosing the right things to do. A dream that gets you up excited every morning, a goal that keeps you up at night hustling to achieve it. Something that makes your blood rush just by thinking about it.

Once you have a goal, the inner bitch won’t show up as often. Fighting the inner bitch is fighting yourself, after all.

The Power of Consistency

When you are consistently beating the inner bitch, you’ll realise that it gets easier overtime to be productive. Consistency had brought you to a new level, now it feels easy because you’ve been doing it everyday.

You could’ve chosen to go back to sleep, but you didn’t. You could’ve chosen to take it easy, but you didn’t. You could’ve chosen to stop, but you didn’t.

The inner bitch needs a beating, and consistency will beat it to pulp.

The inner bitch comes and goes, but will always be there. It will try to slow you down and wants you to give in.

Keep going and do the opposite of what it wants you to do. Find a goal that you want to achieve so you can fight the inner bitch easily. And lastly, do it consistently, because the inner bitch needs a beating every day.

This article was inspired by the Mindset Mentor podcast by Rob Dial Jr. in the episode: “Conquering Your Inner Bitch”.

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