It all makes sense now

How things will only make sense after we became adults

It all makes sense now

It's funny how things become clearer as we grow older. As a child, I often ignored the advice that adults gave me, thinking it wasn't important. But as I've aged, I've realized that certain things in life suddenly make sense once you have experienced adulthood.

Finish what you started

The most significant advice my dad ever gave me was about my tendency to leave things unfinished. This habit of mine had been with me since childhood, and he had noticed it. I had enrolled in a guitar course once but left after two weeks. I had also joined a football club at school but left after only a few months.

"Don't do it half-heartedly. Finish what you started"

At the time, I thought he was annoyed with me for continuously trying new hobbies and quickly losing interest in them. I assumed that he was hesitant to spend too much money on my fleeting interests. If I were in his position, I would have also felt frustrated. I mean, just look at the unused toys, guitar, and football shoes gathering dust in the garage.

But now, I see the wisdom in those words. It's not just about guitar lessons or playing basketball. It is about life. When you start something – a hobby, a project, a job, or even a relationship – there's value in sticking with it, even when it gets tricky. Or learn to end it properly, but never run away from it.

I'm beginning to realize that this habit of mine, jumping ship when things get a bit challenging, isn't doing me any favours. It's easy to start something new, to ride that wave of initial excitement. But what about when the excitement wears off? That's when the real growth happens.

Persisting on something, whether a hobby or a task, can help you develop essential qualities like resilience and commitment. You'll also experience the satisfaction of seeing your efforts bear fruit. The journey may have its ups and downs, but it's ultimately worth it. Moreover, you'll also learn when to quit and have the courage to make tough decisions and do the hard talks.

I can only understand this now, 20 years after he told me that I should finish what I started.

Prescription lenses for adults

As we grow, we start to see things differently. Those old words and actions from our past? They begin to make sense in a whole new way.

So, adulthood is like looking at life with a new set of glasses. Things that were blurry before coming into focus and all those 'just because' moments from when you were a kid start making a lot of sense.

What is the advice that you remember the most from your childhood? How do you see that advice differently now?

I hope you find this inspiring. Remember:

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s not impossible.

Your friend,