Happiness is Something You Create

When can we be happy with our life? One day? When will the day come? There is no answer to it, but there is one thing that you can do about it. If "one day" you will be happy—why not make it today?

Happiness is Something You Create

One day, I will be happy.

One day, I will have a nice paying job or maybe start my own business. So that one day, I will be successful. And one day, I will be able to enjoy life, sit back, and relax... One day.

That's how I used to think when I was a kid. Even now, it sounds really nice if only I could live that way. But the question is when is "one day"?

When can we be happy with our life? One day? When will the day come? There is no answer to it, but there is one thing that you can do about it. If "one day" you will be happy—why not make it today?

And the reason is because we always want more.

More is never enough

As I grew up, I found that many people decide not to sit back and relax, even when they should have been long retired. They want to keep on earning more money because they want to buy things that they can't have. And maybe, just maybe, you are walking on the same path.

Take a look around. How many things are there just sitting in your house collecting dust? How many clothes, books, and shoes do you have? Did you ever really use all of them?

Material things might bring happiness, but they will always be temporary. Once you get over it, you'll need to buy more to feel excited. Researchers even have a phrase for this quick fulfilment: Retail Therapy.

When you buy the things you want, it's not making you happy. It's only answering your lust — thus, you stopped wanting it anymore. You are not happy. You just stopped wanting things.

There will always be someone "more" than you.

As we grow up, we start to think about how other people look at us. Our titles, clothes, or even follower counts are some of the few things we compare. We seek approval from other people.

When you get a raise, you may not be happy because your colleague received more than you. You went on a road trip but might not enjoy it because you knew your friend was having a blast in Europe. You just bought a new phone but are not satisfied because your brother got the more expensive one.

Once we start to compare ourselves with others, we can only go down the rabbit hole. We will never be satisfied ever. We could never fully enjoy life, as the grass is always greener on the other side.

There will always be people who seem happier than we do. Other people will always have more.

The "just enough" and "good enough" mindset

The key to being happy is to be satisfied with what we have. We don't need more if we can be satisfied with "just enough", and we can be content with our life if we are happy with "good enough".

Just enough

Imagine if you have just enough money to spend on your living costs, support your family, have fun, and save a little. Just enough things, because why would you have seven shoes when you only have 2 feet? Wouldn't that be enough?

The "just enough" mindset will stop you from wanting more things and help you to appreciate what you already have.

If you really want something, give it a couple of days before you buy it or do it. Don't act on an impulse because we don't really need what we want most of the time.

Good enough

We also don't have to make everything "amazing" because "good enough" is often... good enough.

The "good enough" mindset will help you to stop comparing yourself with other people. Because you are satisfied with life as is.

Sure, life is not marvellous, and you're not a millionaire yet, but at least it's good enough. What more would you need? At least this would help you appreciate the present.

More than enough

Happiness is something that you create. When you keep buying more things to fulfil your desires, you will be happy, but only for a short period. When you keep comparing yourself with others, your life will suck. Because in your eyes, other people always have it better.

Having the "just enough is good enough" mindset will help you be more content with life. Why buy more than you need? You've got enough of everything. Why compare yourself with other people? Your life is good enough for now.

One day, you will be happy.
Why not make "one day" today?

This article is heavily influenced by Fumio Sasaki's "Goodbye Things" and Rich Brian's "Sometimes".

Regardless of whatever New Year's resolution you have, please remember that happiness should also be a priority. What good is a successful life if you feel miserable inside?

Investing in your happiness is always a good idea.

I hope you find joy in this new year. See you next year.


It's not going to be easy, but it's not impossible.

Your friend,