Embracing Solitude

A lot of times it was lonely. But during those times, I grew.

Embracing Solitude

Adulting means you have to feel sufficient being alone.

That's what I learned when I left home.

A lot of times, it was lonely.

But in those times, I grew.

When I lived with my parents, I didn't know how hard it was to pay the rent. I didn't know how nerve-wrecking it is to have so little in my bank account. Living with the fear that I won't have enough until the next payday. I learned it the hard way, and I think that's natural.

It was hard. But it changed me for the better.

Being alone helped me to be able to live with independence. It forced me to make my own decisions and own my mistakes.

When I look back at the hard times when I felt alone, I found myself capable of doing things I thought I couldn't do.

Because there were nobody else to lean on but myself. And that's how I built my resilience.

And because there were nothing else I could do, so I learned to understand myself better. That's how I found what I wanted to do in life.

Being alone doesn't have to be lonely.

If you can shift your mindset about loneliness.

And focus on the power of solitude.

I hope you find this post inspiring.

And whenever life feels too much, remember:

It's not going to be easy,
But it's not impossible.